Top 5 Safari Destinations in Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the upcoming destinations in Africa. Many travelers visit Rwanda for gorilla trekking. Looking to taking a safari in Rwanda? Here are the five best destinations in Rwanda;

1.Volcanoes National park

A gorilla tracking destination, found just two and a half hours north of Kigali city equipped with luxury and budget accommodation facilities for travellers heading for the memorable Gorilla safari Expedition. Rwanda is among the three countries in the world where you can trek to see the majestic mountain Gorillas up close- a truly once a life time Experience.

2. Lake Kivu

Kivu is one of Africa’s Great lakes with deep emerald green waters and shoreline of the magnificent mountains and fishing villages. The lake is dotted with un in habited islands that can be explored by boats and provide the perfect location to relax and enjoy the serene peace of the country side with ambience.

3. Nyungwe National park

This is one of the oldest rainforest found anywhere on the African continent. The lush green forest is a home to over 300 bird species and 13 primate species including Chimpanzee, Colobus monkeys, Grey-cheeked mangabey ,Golden Monkey, Owl-faced monkey , Three species of bush baby, Olive baboon ,Red -tailed monkey, Ruwenzori colobus, Silver monkey , L’Hoest’s monkey, Vervet monkey ,Owl-faced monkey & others. You can enjoy the elevated canopy trails along a 70metre high walk away from exhilarating views of the forest.

4. Akagera National Park

This is Rwanda’s largest National park and a home to diversity of Plants & animals.The lakes papyrus, swamp; savannah plains & rolling highlands make Akagera an incredible scenic reserve. The park is a home to Exclusive shoebill stork & other bird species, elephants, leopards, antelopes, giraffes, lions, Bufalloes among others. That will make your wildlife excursion during game drive more thrilling in Africa hence making Rwanda the great travel country in the entire world.

Explore Uganda, the Land of Adventure

When thinking of an adventure safari to Africa, Uganda, the Pearl of Africa should be number one on your list. The Pearl of Africa combines countless of Adventure safari activities that are simply amazing, fantastic, memorable and life changing. We have come up of the list of Uganda safaris you can opt for and yet there are many others.

Source of the Nile White Water Rafting: Very fantastic experience, imagine Level 5 on any river in the world! Uganda offers rafting up to level 5 rafting on the famous river Nile. There simply is no other place in the world where you raft like you can in Uganda on a river that flows south to north and is one of the longest rivers in the world – there is no other place in Africa you can do that and in Uganda you can raft from mild to wild.

Gorilla Trekking: Uganda is home to nearly half of the mountain gorillas. Therefore a safari to Bwindi Forest one of the best places to go gorilla trekking and Mgahinga National Park is among the best adventures to take in Uganda. Meeting the mountain gorillas in the wild is one of the privileges you will enjoy during an adventure safari through Uganda.

Kayaking: The Perl of Africa doesn’t only offer marvelous white water rafting, but also kayaking in ways that go unrivaled in East Africa and once again on the historic River Nile at Jinja. Once again you can choose kayaking from mild to wild.

River Surfing: You probably did not know such an activity existed – but it does in Uganda on the River Nile with its fabulous rapids that certainly would be a most adventurous challenge even to the more experienced ocean wave surfer.

Jet Boat up the Wild River Nile: Speed through rapids in a 450 horsepower jet boat.

Horseback Riding Safari: Have an amazing experience riding a horse through of the open savannah of Lake Mburo National Park – viewing the wildlife such as zebras, buffaloes, eland antelopes and others.

Sports fishing for Nile Perch: Enyoj a private safari where you will catch fish (up to 300 plus pounds) in the second largest lake in the world – Lake Victoria – or even more spectacular just below one of the most powerful falls in the world – Murchison Falls. (Often fish over 300 pounds are caught here)

Hike in the Jungle: Not only can you go chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Rainforest Jungle but you can also hike through the jungle for several days – a very different activity that can easily be organized and participants find it most thrilling.

Climb the Volcanoes of Uganda: Uganda has four extinct volcanoes to climb – all of them offer you the fabulous Afro-Montane vegetation with its Lobelias and Giant Heather – bamboo forests on the way up and fabulous views in the case of Mgahinga Gorilla Park of Rwanda, Congo and vast portions of Uganda. You can also climb what was the tallest mountain in Africa before it blew its top and was a bit shortened – majestic Mount Elgon.

Climb and Hike the Rwenzori Mountains: The Rwenzori Mountains – the tallest mountain range in Africa – climb to its peaks or hike in the foothills – simply an awesome adventurous experience and found only in Uganda.

How to Travel Uganda on Budget

Travel in Uganda has always been cheap and affordable depending on traveler’s itinerary, tour activities and mission of travel. Many travelers spend less and save much on most Uganda safaris holidays including hanging out, wildlife, culture, mountain climbing and sightseeing. One needs only $10- $200 per day to explore the country and is able to fulfill each travel dreams ending it in memories of joy and happiness. However those who take safaris to famous Uganda attractions and parks can still enjoy on the same budget per day though sometimes budget changes due to expensive tour activities like Gorilla trekking which cost $600 per day’s trek. However, travelers still save by visiting Bwindi forest or Mgahinga National Park in the months of April, May and November when Uganda promotes gorilla tourism hence cutting gorilla permit prices to less than the usual price of $600.

Cost of Transport in Uganda

Uganda has multiple transport means that travelers use to connect to different places both with the city and on safari. Public transport is available for every one found in recognized taxi and bus parks in major city centers and the cost range between $1-$30.Those interested in private transport car hire is available and hiring a self drive vehicle in Uganda goes between $40- $200 dollars depending on vehicle type f your interest. Many tourists to Uganda opt for self drive services or book tailor made Uganda safaris and a particular travel agency takes the responsibility of arranging a full package holiday with transport inclusive. However, if your interest is to connects to different tourist attractions, better to hire a vehicle or connect by bus using any convenient bus company  among which include Bismarkan coaches,Gaaga bus company, Global coaches, Jaguar executive coaches, Kampala coaches, Swift coaches, Uganda post bus, Gaaga coaches, Link buses, Kampala coaches etc.

Cost of Uganda accommodations

Nearly all attractions, cities and local villages have several accommodation facilities that suit every visitor’s budget. Hotels, Apartments, lodges, motels, guesthouses, hostels, safari lodges, camp sites among others  is what you will find in every place you happen t visit in Uganda. All Uganda accommodations are based on bed and breakfast or full board depending on the client’s interest. Accommodation prices are negotiable especially during the low season months. However in general Uganda lodges and accommodations cost $5- 300 for budget and mid-range option while luxury accommodations range between $500- $1000 per night. They provide comfort and desired hospitality to visitors year round. Otherwise, accommodation is available within close proximity to tourist attractions, main roads, city centers and bus terminals.

Tips to Avoid Accidents on Self Drive in Uganda

Since it is a sudden happening, no body deliberately sets out a car rental to have an accident. Car rental companies in Uganda always wish travelers to have safe journeys. This is done to give self- drivers and tour guides the courage and confidence on Ugandan roads. When you are with a car rental in Uganda, below are steps to avoid and minimize accident.

As you leave the car rental station in Uganda, make sure that the tires of the car  have enough air in it and no tire puncture is found within. Start the engine and ensure that all the warming lights are off. Make sure that the car is properly inspected  mechanically to avoid accidents that may be caused due to poor mechanics in  the car

On the road, the most common area where accidents occur you need to be very careful with the rest of the drivers.  Everybody on the road must be respected so as to create harmony among the traffic users. Always assume that the person in the next car may make a mistake at any time. This can include making an unexpected lane change, a sudden stop, or a sudden turn. Using your mirrors and peripheral vision can help you scan the road for these unexpected dangers. In order to do this well, you need to know where all cars are around you. If someone looks like an unsafe driver, it is best just to stay away from them as much as possible. When you drive with your rental car you need to keep an eye on those around you. You can be the best driver on the road, but you can never be sure how good those around you are.

Speeding and Distance

Many people have accidents because they are not following the rules of the road, such as speeding. Speeding alone can increase the risk of an accident and doesn’t help you get anywhere much faster. You also need to keep a safe distance between your rental car and those around you. The faster you are going, the more distance you need to stop.

Distracted Driving

When you are here with your rental car, it is illegal to use any handheld electronic device when driving. Distracted driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving, and is a completely preventable way of avoiding an accident.

Right of Ways

When you enter an intersection with your rental car, you should always look both ways, especially if you are the first person who is entering the intersection after a red light. You never know when someone will try to make it though a yellow or when someone is not paying attention. If you approach an emergency vehicle at the side of the road with their lights flashing, you need to give them the right of way. Pull over if they are approaching, or move to the left if they are parked on the side of the road.

Planning a Gorilla Trek in Rwanda

Gorilla tracking should be one of the awesome and inspiring moments that one shouldn’t miss in life his/ her life time. In Rwanda, the cost of a single gorilla tracking ticket is US$750 with a difference of only US$150 from that of Uganda – which is US$600 per person. In Rwanda, 6 – 8 people can visit a given gorilla family per day, in rough estimation, Rwanda can also take about 80 visitors/ tourists per day.

Mountain gorillas in Rwanda are mostly found in Volcanoes National Park situated in Musanze district (formerly called Ruhengeri). The park covers about 125 km² of incredibly scenic forest-covered mountains, as well as six volcanoes and it is part of the larger Virunga conservation area. The park’s gorillas are uniquely known as the most wholly habituated in their families. They mostly prefer staying in bamboos than dense forests; this fate makes photograph lovers easily take photos with a very clear view of these 98% human giants.

Rwanda is chiefly enriched with about 10 well habituated groups of the internationally known rare mountain gorillas. Most of them can be sighted in Volcanoes National Park (Parc National des Volcans) and the other roam through Mgahinga National park in Uganda and the Virunga National park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. PNV is where Dian Fossey devoted all her life to study about and discover the behavior of these then highly poached and mistreated animals.

Where to Go Gorilla Tracking

There are eight gorilla families that are officially open for gorilla safaris in Rwanda. These groups are open for tourists all the year round. These include;

The susa group; This is the highly populated gorilla group with about 39+ mountain gorillas Including about 3 silverbacks, 5 black backs, 8 females, 12 youths and 3 infants. This group has the biggest male and can often be up to 5 hours trek a day. If you get a chance tracking this group, it will become your finest and memorable moment with wildlife.

The amahoro group; recorded to be with a total of 15 gorillas with 1silver back, 5 females, 1 black back, 3 youths and 2 infants.

Sabinyo group; This is recorded to be with a total population of 9 gorillas comprised of 2 silverbacks, 2 youths, 2 infants and 3 females

Umubano group; This group has a total population of about 7 gorillas with 1 silverback, 1 youth, 2 females and 1 infant.

Group 13; This group consists of an overall total of 10 gorillas with 1 silverback (leader), 4 females, 1 youth and 4 infants.

Don’t let you tour be cancelled because of visa worries, in Rwanda almost everything in readily solved, visas are available on the border and at the national airport at a general cost of US$60 valid for 30 days.