5 Useful Mind Mapping Tools To Organize Ideas Visually

Mind Mapping is a simple fun way to visualize thoughts and ideas. Mind Mapping tools are used to organize thoughts, understand and remember them. Mind Mapping tools help to communicate and present your ideas effectively. These mind mapping tools make use of diagrams that represent topics, tasks and important terms. Previously, people used pen and(…)

How To Sort Multiple Columns Of Data In Excel

Microsoft Excel is the best spreadsheet program available now. I am used to using the sort function for columns. This helps me sort any type of data according to my will. Last time, I was working with Technize.net backlink profile and wanted to sort the data by multiple columns. If you are using Excel 2013,(…)

2 Easy Ways To Download Latest Firefox Offline Installer

Mozilla now offers Firefox with a web installer. It is called stub installer. This means that the user downloads Firefox setup stub instead of the complete offline installer. The initial download is about 300 KB but when you run the web installer, it will start downloading the latest version of Firefox. The issue with web(…)

2 Useful Tools To Uninstall Multiple Programs At Once In Windows

We can manage installed programs in Windows using Programs and Features control panel app. If you are using Windows 8, you can reach Programs and Features using Ctrl + X + F shortcut key. Programs and Features has very limited features. It only runs the uninstallers provided by each program and doesn’t do anything of(…)

7 Bootable Antivirus Rescue Discs For Offline Scanning

Most security companies offer a rescue disc along with their antivirus or other security products. This is because if a system is already infected with a malware which is not letting the antivirus installation to continue, then the user will have to use the rescue disc to scan and remove the viruses. The antivirus or(…)

4 Working Alternatives To Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is the most popular productivity suite with almost no competitor. The latest version of Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365 is a sleek combination of different apps including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote etc. In this article, we will discuss about each Office app and their corresponding alternatives. Let’s start with the complete(…)

4 Free Tools To Use SSH In Windows

As compared to Telnet, SSH is a secure way of connecting to remote terminals on Linux Operating Systems. If you have an SSH server running on Linux or on Windows, you will need to download an SSH client to connect to the server. Windows comes with Telnet by default. Telnet is highly insecure because everything(…)

Windows Event Viewer Tips And Tricks

 Windows Event Viewer is a tool  that stores a log of applications and system messages. This log contains errors, warnings and the system messages that can help you reach the root cause of any unpredictable behavior of your system. Working with Event Viewer You can launch event viewer from the Desktop by pressing the “Win(…)

Dictionary Pop-Up: A Better Dictionary For Firefox

Dictionary Pop-Up is a Firefox add-on which adds a dictionary to Firefox. The user can get the meaning of any word just by double clicking or selecting the word on any opened webpage. The Dictionary Pop Up is an official extension from Dictionary.com. This add-on is especially useful for people whose vocabulary is weak and(…)

Download Bitdefender 2014 Offline Installers For All Products

Bitdefender product line for 2014 has been released. Last year, Bitdefender 2013 was released in September but this year Bitdefender has been quick to launch the new line of products. The latest Bitdefender 2014 products include a new technology called Photon technology which makes sure that system performance doesn’t get a hit while the security(…)